We are a group of Downey residents supporting Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential election.  We range from committed progressive who support Hillary’s platform to Republicans who simply don’t believe we can afford to gamble our country’s well being with a maniacal megalomaniac who brags about using his position in life to invade sexual boundaries and who can be easily baited into Twitter wars.

Myth: Donald Trump will create jobs!
Fact: Economists overwhelmingly favor Hillary Clinton’s plan, which is based on building out the middle class, as opposed to Donald Trump’s plan, which is based on the long-discredited trickle-down economics, which only plunder the middle class.

Myth: Donald Trump s rich, so surely he knows how the economy works.
Fact: There is little/no relationship between knowledge of business and the broader economy.  Even so, it’s difficult to gauge Trump’s wealth since he won’t release his taxes (though we know he claimed a near $1 billion loss in 1995), and Paris Hilton has expanded her inheritance faster and greater than Donald Trump.


Myth: Donald Trump has the backing of the US military
Fact: Hillary Clinton’s military endorsements exceed those of Donald Trump’s (who has a fraction of the miliary endorsements Republican candidates usually have).

Myth: Donald Trump tells it like it is
Fact: Donald Trump has made more false statements than any other mainstream candidate.

Myth: Donald Trump is Republican (and I always vote Republican)
Fact: Donald Trump’s statements and positions have alienated much of the Republican base and he can hardly be considered as such (which is why many Republicans are supporting Hillary).

Myth: Donald Trump is great for national security
Fact: Donald Trump has been an unwitting pawn in Russian interference in American elections.